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Along with our oil change service, we check to make sure antifreeze, radiator fluid, and engine oil are all as they should be. These are essential fluids that need to be examined and changed regularly.

These vehicle fluids are important components of your vehicle to obtain optimum engine operation.

  • Engine Oil – An engine and its components need engine oil for full lubrication, which you’ll need to test and book an oil change service regularly.
  • Transmission Fluid – On the other hand, transmission fluid is needed for your engine to work correctly and stops your transmission from slipping.
  • Brake Fluid – Your brake fluid aids the braking mechanism, which moves force into stress.
  • Antifreeze – This can help keep your engine from overheating due to combustion and the lines from freezing in colder weather.
  • Power Steering Fluid – Finally, steering fluid aids your vehicle’s power steering operation. Power steering fluid is a fluid that helps your car’s power steering function.

Your vehicle fluids must be kept full and free of particles to function correctly.

Local Tire Guys can help your car avoid burning, depletion, or debris accumulation by inspecting your fluids during your oil change service.

We understand that examining your fluids is essential. Thus, Local Tire Guys can provide correct maintenance and fluid replacements to help your vehicle run better and last longer.

Radiator Fluid Check

Your radiator uses a balanced coolant solution to keep your engine cool and safe. Unfortunately, this radiator fluid can drain, pollute, and become useless with time, leaving your car exposed to heat.

Your engine can rust, distort, and even fail if you don’t have a working radiator and fresh radiator fluid.

As part of our oil change service, Local Tire Guys offers a radiator fluid flush to remove old particles and change the coolant solution with fresh fluids.

The temperature indicator on your dashboard refers to the temperature of your engine. If this meter is rising or resting higher than average, your radiator is not cooling your engine adequately.

Our technician can remedy the high temperature on your dashboard to prevent your radiator fluid from failing. By doing this, your engine can avoid overheating.

If you see any symptoms that a radiator fluid flush is required, a problem is already developing so let us know immediately.

We recommend establishing the service mileage needed for a radiator fluid flush. Most vehicles require a radiator flush every 50,000-70,000 miles on average.

If you’re still unsure whether you need a radiator flush, Local Tire Guys can give you advice. Our mechanic will inspect the quality of your radiator fluid and look for contamination symptoms like rust or particles in your freon.

See this Kelly Blue Book article entitled, Do I Need a Coolant System Flush?

Oil Change Service

Why go through the mess of oil changing when you can leave it to us? Our experts can easily do it for you while also checking your car for any upcoming or occurring issues.

The importance of lubricating oil in your car is critical to its performance. Good, clean oil enhances the performance of your automobile and extends the life of the engine.

Do not wait until there’s a visible problem before replacing your car’s oil. In the worst-case scenario, things have gone so bad that the engine is in danger of being damaged.

Local Tire Guys can help you with Oil changing. Oil change acts as a barrier between engine parts, preventing metal-to-metal brushing and ensuring engine quietness.

Our technicians can perform an oil change service to prevent engine noises. In addition, we can fix the banging and rumbling noises your car may make. Thus, helping your engine from slowly ripping itself apart due to a lack of oil.

Your car’s oil is filled with particles from the engine when it operates, making it darker. It will be difficult to notice when this starts to happen, so be careful and bring your car to Local Tire Guys to have an oil change.

Remember that oil changes are an easy and affordable option that can protect your automobile from aging prematurely.

Local Tire Guys will use the proper amount, and the quality of oil will keep your engine from wearing out too quickly, resulting in fewer repairs down the road.