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Our Oakville tire shop offers a range of tire services from tire repairs to wheel alignments and more!


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Tire Services BY local tire Guys - Overview

We offer so much more than just tire sales and tire services.

Tires can wear out over prolonged use. As a result, flat tires are a common roadside problem for drivers living in cities like Oakville in Canada.

Most drivers overlook this problem, which costs them time and money. Therefore, it is essential to look for a professional tire service shop near you. One that can provide you with not only new tires but also related tire services, at an affordable rate.

Our team at Local Tires Guys recognizes that you need a one-stop shop for all your car tire needs. Through our tire finder page, you'll find a variety of tire brands to fit any car or truck, plus the tire technicians to install your new tires.

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The following are the local tire services that we offer residents in and around Oakville ON:


Tire & Wheel Packages

Local Tire Guys can help you with new tire sales specific to your car model including tire and wheel packages. We also offer tire changeover services to install your new tires.

When you need flat tire services that require replacement and sensors that need reprogramming, Local Tire Guys can help you there as well. We'll care for you and your tire repair or tire replacement needs.

Tire Balancing & Alignment

Tire and wheel alignment is an essential yet frequently neglected part of tire services that can affect the durability of your tires and the safety of your vehicle.

The smoothness of your ride improves dramatically when your tires and wheels are balanced. On the other hand, faulty tire alignment can cause a vibration on your steering wheel, which can be annoying and frightening for some.


Brake Repair & Replacement

We offer expert brake repair and replacement services to ensure your vehicle's safety and performance. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair any brake issue, including brake pads, rotors, calipers, and more.

We only use high-quality parts and equipment to ensure that your brakes are functioning at their best.

Car Mechanical Services

Your vehicle's mechanical condition plays a vital role in your driving experience. After all, your safety is dependent on the auto mechanics being in good working order every time you drive your automobile.

Along with regular tire services, our mechanical repair professionals at Local Tire Guys can also assist you if you need full mechanical repair service.


Oil Change Service &
Fluid Inspection

Changing your oil is not only about safeguarding your engine; it should also focus on inspection to look under the hood and double-check that everything is in functioning order.

Regularly check for an oil change and fluid inspection, not just once a year. At Local Tire Guys, we inspect your car engine thoroughly, from components to fluid assessment.

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