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Seamless Transition to Warmer Roads

Switch from winter to all-season tires with ease and ensure your vehicle is ready to take on the changing seasons. Don’t let worn winter tires dampen your springtime drives. Book your changeover now and glide into the warmer months with confidence and safety.

Why Change Your Tires?

As the snow melts and the roads clear, winter tires can wear down faster and may not provide the necessary grip and handling for dry or wet roads. Transitioning to all-season or summer tires not only enhances your vehicle’s performance but also extends the life of your winter tires for the next season. Understand the significance of using the right tires for the right season:

  • Safety: All-season and summer tires offer optimal handling and braking performance in warmer conditions.
  • Efficiency: Reduce fuel consumption and tire wear by using tires designed for warmer weather.
  • Performance: Enjoy improved traction, comfort, and driving pleasure on dry and wet roads.

Our Premium Tire Changeover Service

Our expert team ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition from winter to all-season or summer tires. We offer:

How it works

  1. Choose Your Tire: If you’re in need of new all-season or summer tires, we can help you select the perfect set for your vehicle.
  2. Select Your Vehicle: Provide us with your car’s make, model, and year so we can prepare for your specific needs.
  3. Pick a Timeslot: Choose the most convenient time for you from our available slots.
  4. Confirmation: You’ll receive a confirmation call or email with all the details of your booking, including what to bring and how to prepare.

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How much does it cost?

This depends on the vehicle. Please fill out the form above and we will get back to you with a quote.

At Local Tire Guys, we aim to provide efficient and timely tire replacement services to our valued
customers in Oakville, Ontario.

The duration it takes to replace your tires can vary depending on
several factors, including the specific vehicle and the current workload at our shop.
In general, our tire replacement services typically take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours to

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the exact time may differ based on the make
and model of your vehicle, as well as the complexity of the tire replacement process required.
To ensure that we can accommodate your needs promptly and efficiently, we recommend booking
an appointment in advance. 

We recommend booking ahead as there will be less availability once temperatures are consistently above 7°C.

Yes, at Local Tire Guys, we offer tire storage services to help you keep your tires in great condition.
Our tire storage facility is equipped with climate and humidity control, ensuring that your tires are
preserved in optimal conditions throughout the year. This service helps prolong the life of your tires
and ensures they are ready for use when you need them. Say goodbye to the hassle of storing your
tires at home and trust us to keep them safe and well-maintained.

Drive safe, Drive smart, with Local Tire Guys.