Winter Tires

Snow tires thrive in icy conditions. The treads feature more significant gaps than conventional tires, increasing traction and preventing you from careening off the road.


Winter Tires at Local Tire Guys

We carry winter tires for the latest model vehicle, luxury cars, and vintage classics. We also have studded tires, which offer improved traction since they dig deeper into the snow.

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Large selection of winter tires to choose from

With a variety of winter tires to choose from, Local Tire Guy's have a set that's perfect for your vehicle and driving style. So before you hit the road, check out the wide selection of our snow and ice tires and find the perfect set for the winter season.

Using the wrong tires during winter will impact your gas mileage and tire wear and tear. If you are not careful, it will even cause a blowout.

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Winter tires are made with a special rubber compound that remains flexible in sub-freezing temperatures, providing better traction and handling on slippery surfaces.

If you use conventional tires during winter, it will result in decreased air pressure. For instance, air pressure will decrease by 1 PSI for every 10-degree drop in temperature.

In contrast, winter tires are tested to perform at minimum temperatures below 45 °F. Some tires can even perform in sub-zero temperatures as low as -22 °F.

Using the wrong tires during winter will impact your gas mileage and tire wear and tear. If you are not careful, it will even cause a blowout.

Simply look for the “3-Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol, which typically sits next to the M+S badge. It means that the fabrication, including the tread pattern and compound, met the minimum performance requirements for extreme snow conditions.

Braking and Handling Made Easy With Winter Tires

Improved safety

Conventional tires tend to harden during winter, making it difficult for them to grip the road. In contrast, snow tires feature a softer rubber compound that expands and contracts as temperatures drop for better handling.

Superior traction

Winter tires have wider grooves for better grip during icy conditions so that they can push through inches of snow. In addition, these grooves serve as channels to expel snow and drain excess water. Studded tires even improve the traction considerably.

Better braking ability

Snow tires will stay soft even if you stop on the brake pedal hard during emergencies. In contrast, conventional tires will become stiff, responding to the braking force by skidding through the slippery road. The stopping distance of winter tires is 30% better than all-season tires.

Minimize hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when you drift uncontrollably on wet or slippery roads. Several factors will cause you to lose grip of the road—your speed, the road condition, and tire tread. Snow tires will ensure constant contact with the road, thereby improving safety.

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